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Switching blog software – part 2

The site is switched over now.  Please let me know if you find dead links, missing functionality, or anything weird.  Hopefully, I’ll post a little more often now that it’s easier.

Switching blog software

I’m switching blog software soon. Links and RSS feeds should continue to work, but there might be hiccups. If there are any broken links, just post a comment on this page once I’ve switched over. (Comments won’t be available until after I do.)

Public key updated

Since I lost my original private key, I generated a new keypair. I had my key signed by Jon, and I finally got around to posting my new public key on my site.

New Domain

I’m switching domains from adamcrume.dhs.org to www.adamcrume.com. Please update your bookmarks and links. Note that both will be available for quite a while.

Hello, world!

My blog is up and running, as you can see. Feel free to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed. Note that the feeds don’t contain the full post contents, only summaries.