Pics of the Vertical Motion Simulator (flight simulator) at NASA Ames Research Center

I got to go on a tour of the facilities at the Vertical Motion Simulator (flight simulator) at the NASA Ames Research Center.  While we were there, a pilot was training in a simulation of a tiltrotor, one that resembles a 737 but can takeoff vertically.

We also had a view into the control room for the simulator.

Here’s the cab used for space shuttle training.  If I heard our guide right, every astronaut that has flown the space shuttle trained in this exact cab.


The cab for the lunar lander was right next to the one for the space shuttle.  We couldn’t go inside it because it wasn’t hooked up, so the lights weren’t on.

Here are all the hookups for the shuttle cab.

Here’s the one for the lunar lander so you can see what some of the cables are for.

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