Monthly Archives: March 2010

Linux pipelines

I recently had a Subversion working copy with several files that were modified because they should not have been under source control to begin with.  I had to find all the modified *.Plo files and remove the folders that contained them.  I ended up using this, which is the longest pipeline I can remember using: […]

Switching blog software – part 2

The site is switched over now.  Please let me know if you find dead links, missing functionality, or anything weird.  Hopefully, I’ll post a little more often now that it’s easier.

Switching blog software

I’m switching blog software soon. Links and RSS feeds should continue to work, but there might be hiccups. If there are any broken links, just post a comment on this page once I’ve switched over. (Comments won’t be available until after I do.)

Adventures in Haskell – Pattern Matching

Simple Another nice feature of Haskell is pattern matching. I glossed over it in the Fibonacci function, so let’s review. fib :: (Integral t) => t -> t fib 0 = 1 fib 1 = 1 fib n = fib (n – 1) + fib (n – 2) Analogous code in Java would be: public […]