Monthly Archives: November 2009

Samsung Moment

My cell phone has been dying, so I bought a Samsung Moment to replace it. It’s an Android phone, one of two Sprint currently offers (the other being the HTC Hero). It has (in no particular order) a slide out keyboard, an AMOLED display, 800 MHz processor, GPS, bluetooth, wi-fi, USB, headphone jack, 3.2 megapixel […]

Public key updated

Since I lost my original private key, I generated a new keypair. I had my key signed by Jon, and I finally got around to posting my new public key on my site.

E-mailing passwords

As a grad student in the School of Engineering at UCSC, I’m a member of a few mailing lists. Every month I receive an automated e-mail with links to manage mailing list options and my passwords for the mailing lists. (Incidentally, this is powered by the GNU Mailman software.) First of all, why on earth […]