Monthly Archives: September 2009

Fix Outlook

I noticed at one point that the HTML e-mails I received in Outlook looked like crap. It seemed that a new version of Outlook reverted to a crappier rendering engine. Lo and behold, it was so: Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007. Starting with Outlook 2007, Word is used to render HTML instead […]

Double.equals pitfalls

It turns out that Double.equals is not always the same as == with two double primitives. Case in point: double a = Double.NaN; System.out.println(a == a); Double b = new Double(a); System.out.println(b.equals(b)); This code will print out false and true. What’s going on? Basically, if you look at the Javadoc for the equals method, it […]

New Domain

I’m switching domains from to Please update your bookmarks and links. Note that both will be available for quite a while.